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Expired Food Cans Food Cans

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Milk....Ideally I think raw milk from your own grass fed happy cow in your backyard would be the best.

In our family we have given up regular milk for years and years. Long story. (we do eat occasional ice cream).

Powdered milk is a bit more expensive than fresh milk in the cooler at your local grocery store. Also...It is SO processed, it is a bit scary. I had read accounts of how the powdered milk is made and I just didn't want to use much of it. only lasts a year in storage.
Soy milk was my mainstay for years ( I drank almost a quart a day) until this year when I found out it harms one's thryroid.

The latest MILK


It is delicious! Has same amount of calcium as milk per 8 oz serving. (about 30% of daily requirement)

The carton I just bought at Winco has an expiration date of Jan. 2014. No refrigeration required until after you open it.

Another Change in our World

SO...Esther Dickey, famous food storage author had a daughter who grew up and co wrote a new book (with her mom)...
The New Passport to Survival I am still studying this book and have discovered IT needs updating again! It was published in 1999. That is 14 years ago.

There is new understanding of some things, now.


It used to be thought that to get the complete protein that your body needs, you needed to eat grains and legumes together in the meal.
On page 85 of Rita Bingham's book (pictured above), it says..

"Plant protein comes from three main classes of foods:
legumes, beans, peas and lentils), nuts and seeds, and grains.
 Proteins from plant sources are "incomplete proteins",
because one or more of the 8 essential amino acids
 are missing or in short supply (with the exception of soy beans).
Legumes must be combined with another protein source from
another class of foods, such as seeds or grains. (or animal products)."


Our daughter has a bachelor's degree in Community Health (graduated in 2005). While taking a class in 2007 (to update her knowledge, since she herself was a teacher for the Utah State University Extension  in a program called Smart Start where she taught homemakers how to fix nutritious meals.) she was still being taught this concept. In 2009, her instructors offered a new class and taught that now research has shown that your body CAN make needed protein out of the amino acids it randomly receives at random times. I can attach her source later....but here is a source I found...that refutes the "Combined Protein Myth":

Our World Is Changed

Old Food Storage Ideas:

Esther Dickey's book published back in 1969 and 1970 was so popular in the LDS culture, it was often given as wedding presents. I had 2 copies myself back then. One WAS a wedding present.

The four main ingredients for survival were:

Powdered Milk

 In this post I will just talk a bit about wheat.

I remember countless Relief Society meetings where we learned to use wheat, mostly by grinding it and making bread, whole wheat cookies, homemade wheaties, etc.
I remember several meetings where we learned to make pure gluten out of the ground wheat and them make lovely seasoned sausages out of the wheat gluten. forward to 2000's...and the big trend now is GLUTEN FREE.  Lots of people are so sensitive to gluten that they become very ill. This is celiac disease. The rest of us in the population who don't get obviously ill after eating wheat and other high gluten products are still doing our bodies some harm.

In our family, our world has changed! Because of teeth problems!

OK..this is the problem...

There are several members of our  family who have inherited decay active teeth from their mom.

What they discovered as they did research is that phytates in grains BLOCK calcium from being absorbed in your body, your teeth, your bones. So because they have now gone off grains..their cavity formation has greatly decreased and some cavities even disappeared!

Some people are born with teeth that don't get cavities easily. My husband is one of them. But those of us who do, can benefit by eliminating alot of grains from our diets. as well as sugar.

There is a lot of new information out now on phytates...  please study out these issues and make some decisions...I am starting on these 2 sites....

And this site on celiac disease...

H A P P Y      R E A D I N G    !


I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate lentils. Jane Brody's Lentil soup is my ultimate comfort food. (I substitute Italian seasoning for the thyme and marjoram.)
I have LOTS of lentils in our food storage.

  File:3 types of lentil.jpgI have always said, if food was priced according to its nutritional content, lentils would be 20 dollars a pound instead of 98 cents a pound.

Lentils cook up in less than an hour. Some recipes call for just 1/2 hour of cooking. I go 50 minutes to an hour.
You can make cold lentil salads and a myriad of hot dishes! They are high in fiber and high in protein. Lentils are my manna.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ can sprout them and they taste like fresh raw garden peas. Since the best taste of the sprouted lentils is day 2 or day 2 and a half, I make just a small amount at a time... I soak a half cup lentils in a cup of distilled water in a bowl over night. Bu using distilled water for the initial soaking, you get a sweeter taste. Then I drain them in my strainer and put them back in the bowl. (don't need a special sprouter device)and set in on my counter. In this desert where it is so dry, I rinse them several times a day in my strainer under the faucet and put them back in the bowl. On the first day you will notice a little sprout forming already. After one more night and day, they should be ready...

Raisins: Make Mine Organic, Please!

In my new enlightened food storage, I have a case of organic raisins.....
 Sunview Raisins, which are so huge and good. See? 1 inch long!!

Grapes are one of the most heavily sprayed fruits! Other countries have even worse standards than the USA. Chile's grapes and raisins are the most heavily contaminated. You can buy these Sunview raisins at BJs Health Food store here. I have purchase great organic raisins (but they are smaller)also at Sprouts in Ranch Cucamonga.

We eat our raisins...

1. Straight out of the can as a snack.
2. In our oatmeal, granola, cereals
3. In salads
4. in our curries
5. drenched in dark chocolate is the site I use to purchase these Sunview raisins (I buy the green ones, I like the taste better than the red ones...although they all LOOK the same dark color); ....they want you to print off an order form and mail them a check for 45 dollars for 12 cans...They deliver quite quickly! A California Company.